Thursday, November 12, 2015

A plethora of photos coming this way!

As I dig around and uncover photos I haven't posted 
anywhere yet, I will post them here.

There will also be quite a few repeat photos from 
'other places' where I've posted a lot of photos already.
But here, they will hopefully stay, until the internet breathes
it's last gasping breath, and the lights twinkle out forever.

It's my hope that these posts will convince people
to come on down and check it out in person!


You can pull over and look at these guys on the drive down
from San Jose or Liberia. Don't worry, there's none at the finca!

This fine looking young fellow walked by our front 'gate'
lagging behind on his own, after a larger herd had just sauntered past.

The near by beaches are out of this world.

Hibiscus flowers were on my bucket list of flowers
I really want to have in my yard. Done!

Got bamboo? We do!

The former owner, Jennifer Smith, giving a ecological 
class to a group of children at the finca years ago. 
This spot on the river still has this 
gooey green stuff in it..

OK, this isn't there yet, but imagine? 
Would you sleep here?

Got trees? We do!

Got bananas? We do!

Got incredibly photogenic beaches?
We sure do. I mean, I can't even believe I took this.
But I did, and soon, I can drive there in the time 
it takes me to go do some shopping.

Looking up is frequently very rewarding
as you walk around the finca!

We have some enormous African Palms
scattered around the property, they are gorgeous. 
Smaller ones too.

This is a part of the gorgeous front yard near the house.
Mariya wants to put her studio back up in there,
way in the back as far as you can see on the left....

A Cute little lizard on a rock. When these guys get startled,
they sometimes run across the surface of the water,
it is wicked!

This cool leaves hugs the trees at the bottom, but farther up 
the branch off and look more like regular vines leaves.

There is a lot of space.....

There are many kinds of flowers throughout the place,
I've only seen a tiny bit, so many of the flowering plants are
seasonal and I've only been there twice so far. Lots of surprises
to look forward to as new flowers appear!

Incredibly, I was able to get this great footage of a bat taking off
with my little Casio camera that I had there last time.
It is one of the resident bats that lives on the house
at Finca Silencio...

The Rio Guabo flows through Finca Silencio

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