Tuesday, December 1, 2015

A few photos from the area around Finca Silencio, and some at home too.....

A dense wall of foliage, just down the road from the farm.....

This one's old, but I love it. 
My first breakfast at the finca last May...

Our resident bat with her offspring nursing....

The same river that runs through our property, 
a few miles down the road....

These are waterfalls at a property I looked at before deciding on Finca Silencio.

A month before this photo was taken, the owner of this property slipped and fell here,
and she was critically injured, laying in the water for hours before being found.
She broke a lot of bones and was in very rough shape. Crazy stuff!

Nice waterfalls, but the property was strange, and it definitely wasn't the right 'vibe'.

This waterfall is in Uvita, near the Cascada Verde Hostel,
it is a wonderful place to stay if you ever come down to see us.

Flowers at The Cascada Verde

Wall of vegetation, Finca Silencio

Beach at Matapalo, 20 minutes from El Silencio

Driving across these wobbly swinging suspension bridges is terrifying.
I would definitely not want to do it every day to get home...

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